Domestic Violence

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Over the years, the laws surrounding domestic violence have become more strict, as have law enforcement's efforts to enforce them. Whether you have been accused by your spouse or the police were called by a bystander, you are likely aware of how harsh these accusations can be. Few violent crimes are punished quite as severely as one which involves a family member or loved one. At Daniel Collins Law, our Haltom City criminal defense lawyer offer legal guidance and representation for domestic violence charges.

Which Crimes Fall Under the Label of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can occur in a number of different ways, from physical or sexual abuse to threats or verbal abuse. An alleged victim who makes an accusation against you can lead to your reputation being tarnished and putting you in a stressful legal situation. Domestic violence can take place between any two individuals who are romantically involved, are family members, or who live in the same residence.

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A few examples of crimes which can be considered domestic violence include:

  • Trespassing
  • Stalking
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Harassment

Investigating Your Accusations. Fighting for Your Rights!

At our firm, we understand just how easy it can be for a misunderstanding to lead to an arrest for domestic violence. One common example is when a spat between spouses or romantic partners is overheard by a neighbor or family member. They call the police and before you know it, you're being taken away in handcuffs. Our legal team works to gather sufficient evidence and speak with as many witnesses as necessary to build a defense strategy for you.