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Violent crimes involve an act of physical violence against another person or the threat of violence which puts someone in fear of imminent danger. Although many violent crime accusations are "he said, she said" situations, law enforcement takes these charges very seriously.


At Daniel Collins Law, we offer the aggressive defense of assault charges. If you have been arrested for a violent crime like assault, it is vital that you reach out to Haltom City criminal defense lawyer Daniel Collins right away. 

Types of Assault

Assault involves the act of threatening another individual with violence. In many cases, assault can be paired with another crime, such as when a robber enters a home and threatens the homeowners. However, assault can also be charged as a result of a misunderstanding, such as in a joke that was overheard. Assault is one of the most common types of violent crimes and can be charged for a variety of reasons.

There are many different types of assault, including:

  • Assault in domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault

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If you are convicted of assault, the exact penalties you face will be determined by the judge's assessment of your case. They may take into account any existing record, as well as the circumstances of the alleged crime. You could face time in jail or prison, as well as significant fines. Even the accusation of assault can be extremely devastating to your reputation and cause a great deal of stress for you and your family.